Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Shoulda Been There!!

Carly and Brad's Gymnastics Battle

Brad does The Reject!!!

Brad Stevens + Dancing = HILARIOUS!!!

Debut performance from Runion (Greg's Mini Me!!)

Jonathan Runion sings It's Real. Greg was sitting on stage watching his interpretation and loved it!!!

Chris' Wrestling Demonstration....

Truffle Shuffle

Bub and Codi - breaking it down Goonies style!!

Candon Jr (aka Cassie Saylor) is back for an encore!!!

The Reject Dance Off!!!

Codi Roberts and McKayla Bradshaw showed us all how to do the Reject Dance. We're not too sure that the team leaders caught on so well!!!

Messengers Of God coming into Tribal Council

El Shaddai coming into Tribal Council

Chris "Granny" Roberts....

Chris Roberts, one of El Shaddai's Team Leaders, took on one of Teen Camp's Most Popular Challenges - Goodnight Granny!!