Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Cameron!

Christmas With Peyton Stevens

Paul's Gift Of Art

This is our Pastor's Wife Vicki Burns with a portrait of her grandchildren Peyton, Hope and Hannah sketched by the very talented Paul Chastain.  Great job Paul!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beauty And The Beast

Our very own Paul Chastain was among a cast of extremely talented teens in the Clay County High School production of Beauty And The Beast.  The cast, crew and Mr. Donnie Stevens did a wonderful job!!  Also, Peyton Stevens was part of the technical crew. 

If you're hungry you will eat, in the same way if you're really hungry for the word of God, you will open the bible and keep it open. You'll never let it depart from your sight… It’s really important that we stay in the precious word of God. And stay thirsty for more of His word daily.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Keep me as the apple of your eye… Psalm 17:8, NIV.
In this day and age, people are considered to be important for so many different reasons—titles, position, possessions, where you go, what you drive. But God’s value system is very different from the value system of the world. God cherishes and values you so much simply because He made you. You are His beloved creation—the apple of His eye; the center of His world!
If you’ve ever thought that God has too many other important things on His plate to be concerned with you and your life, know this today—you are God’s number one priority. And, there’s nothing you can do to be more important or less important to Him. He values you today, and your value will never change. You are significant. Your life is significant. The things that concern you, concern God. He carefully watches over every detail of your life, and there is nothing too big or too small for His attention.
Today, find peace and security in God’s love for you. Don’t be afraid to take your concerns and cares to Him. He loves it when you come to Him, and He’s ready to receive you with open arms because you are the apple of His eye!

If being noticed, appreciated, and recognized is the motivation behind anything we do, we are headed down the wrong path, subtly stealing glory and seeking praise that belongs to our King alone.
—  Leslie Ludy

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Artwork Of Paul Chastain

We just had to share these photos! These images where all created by our very own Paul Chastain.  He's an extremely talented artist!  The images are hand drawn with pencil, markers or paint.  The first two images of Jesus were created on a computer. Paul, you do a tremendous job with your art and we look forward to seeing what you create in the future!!  God bless!